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Should I Buy My Drug Tests at the Local Pharmacy?

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Should I Buy My Drug Tests at the Local Pharmacy?

Probably not.

When youʼre an employer who doesnʼt conduct a high volume of drug screens, you may be tempted just to go down to the local pharmacy and buy an over-the-counter drug test.

But even if youʼre not doing many drug tests, buying a drug test at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite- Aid and the like may be steering you wrong for numerous reasons.

Hereʼs why you shouldnʼt buy pharmacy drug tests.

First, you may not get the reading you expected.

Second, youʼll pay a premium price for a single test. If you need a second test for inconclusive results, youʼll pay a premium once again.

And third, getting a confirmation of the results requires an extra step -- namely, sending the results to a laboratory.

Letʼs take a closer look at all of those reasons not to buy a pharmacy drug test.

Reading Pharmacy Test Results

If you buy an Instant Test from the pharmacy, youʼre getting a qualitative result -- meaning youʼre testing for the presence or absence of a drug or its metabolite in a personʼs urine, tested at a certain cut-off level or concentration.

With pharmacy tests, a big part of the purchase price is the option to send the sample off to a laboratory -- something that many people choose not to do. Thus, the cost of the test includes something you may not even do. Whatʼs more, it requires the additional step of mailing the sample to a lab and waiting for the results.

If you happen to send the test to a lab, theyʼll perform a quantitative test, which will tell you the drugs theyʼve detected in the sample and the specific concentrations of the drugs tested.

Think twice before paying for a pharmacy test that includes a lab screen you probably wonʼt ever use.

Benefits of Buying Drug Tests from

When you buy from, youʼll get many more tests for your money. Our tests come with 25 tests per box and theyʼll keep for up to 18 months. So for the cost of SINGLE test, youʼll have many more tests on hand -- just in case. If you get a test thatʼs inconclusive, for example, you wonʼt have to waste time and money on yet another pharmacy test.

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