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Xylazine Liquid & Powder Drug Test Strips

Xylazine is a veterinary medication used for sedation and anesthesia. If consumed by humans, xylazine can slow breathing and cause a loss of consciousness that resembles the effects of an opioid overdose. In combination with opioids, xylazine increases the potential for fatal overdose. This makes it challenging to differentiate between an overdose caused by opioids alone, or one caused by a combination. While naloxone will reduce the effects of an opioid overdose, it will not reduce the effects of xylazine.

Xylazine Liquid & Powder Drug Test Strips are immunochromatographic assays for the qualitative determination of Xylazine in liquid, powder or pill samples.

     • Detects Xylazine in concentrations at 500 ng/mL
     • Results in 5 minutes
     • Built-in procedural control
     • Cost-effective option
     • 99% accurate

Help combat the overdose public health crisis by using the Xylazine Test Strips below.