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Are You Using the Right On-Site Saliva Test?

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Are You Using the Right On-Site Saliva Test?

When youʼre doing on-site saliva drug screens, only one testing product is FDA approved: Oratect AOT-6 & HM15.

You may currently be using some other product for your rapid saliva tests -- but did you know that doing so could land you in hot water?

If youʼve been using something other than the Oratect 6-panel Saliva Test to test your employees and prospective hires, you may have unwittingly been breaking the rules of drug screening.

Oratect AOT-6 -- also called Oratect HM15 -- is the only FDA-approved saliva test for workplace testing -- though for years, it wasnʼt a priority for the FDA to ensure that companies were indeed using the right test.

Thatʼs all changed. These days, the FDA is cracking down on the use of drug testing kits that are labeled for “Forensic Use Only.” If youʼre not a law enforcement or criminal justice professional, and youʼve been using tests with that “Forensic Use Only” label, youʼve been using the wrong test for your industry. You might have done so for years, but thatʼs not going to stop the FDA from knocking on your door now and imposing hefty fines.

Fortunately for you, thereʼs an easy solution: a saliva drug screen thatʼs made for use in any type of workplace. The Oratect AOT-6 & Oratect HM15 instant saliva tests will detect the six commonly-used drugs, to the following standard cut-off levels:

  • Methamphetamine (ME): 50 ng/ml
  • Marijuana (TH): 40 ng/ml
  • Cocaine (CO): 20 ng/ml
  • Amphetamine (AM): 50 ng/ml
  • Opiates (OP): 40 ng/ml
  • PCP (PC): 10 ng/ml

Benefits of the Oratect Tests

Beyond the regulatory concerns, using an Oratect mouth swab drug test has a number of other benefits.

When you make the switch to our saliva point-of-care tests, youʼll get a product that is perfect for detecting recent drug use. The window of detection can always vary depending on the personʼs frequency of use, their body weight, metabolism and other factors, but with this test, that window tends to be more recent. Since itʼs a saliva test, itʼs tougher for people to fake the test, alter the sample, or contaminate the sample.

When thereʼs a question about the results of a test, the results can be sent to a lab for further confirmation. And because each test kit has a shelf life of more than one year, you can have plenty of valid tests on hand when you need them.

Quality Drug Screening, Guaranteed

Whatʼs more, with the Oratect AOT-6 and Oratect HM15, you can rest assured that youʼre getting a product made in the USA, with the best online price, guaranteed. Even better, we offer free shipping.

Donʼt get caught using the wrong test: Use the clean, hygienic saliva drug screen thatʼs approved for use in all industries.

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