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Instant Drug Tests Save Your Business Time and Money

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As a business owner or manager of a facility that conducts regular drug screens, we know that getting accurate results is important to you.

Thatʼs why right now, you may be sending all of your drug test results to a lab, just to be sure youʼre getting accurate results.

At, we know thereʼs a better way -- and one that can save you lots of money.

Why Use Instant Drug Tests

Say youʼre a facility that tests 100 people at a time. If youʼre using a laboratory for screening, thatʼs going to cost you about $1,500 -- or about $15 per test. The problem with that, though, is that a lot of those people are going to test negative for drugs (usually at least 70 to 80 percent) -- meaning youʼve spent money on an expensive test, only to come up with a negative result.

When someone tests negative, thereʼs usually no dispute and no need to test that person further. So basically, youʼre wasting money on an expensive test for about 70 to 80 percent of your people.

With instant test cups or instant test kits, youʼre spending on average around $5 per person. For 100 people, youʼll spend $500 -- or about $1000 less than the alternative. For the people who test negative, you donʼt need to do anything else. With the people who test positive, youʼll send the results off to a lab for further analysis, and you wonʼt have wasted so much money on sending everyoneʼs results to the lab.

Hereʼs another benefit to instant test kits: Theyʼre instant. Whether youʼre in a rehab or work setting, wouldnʼt it be nice to know whoʼs tested negative and whoʼs tested positive, right away?

With lab screening, you typically have to wait two to four days for the results -- and that could put your customers, clients, or your facility at risk.

To sum it up, instant test kits can be cheaper, as well as giving you the results you want, when you want them.

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