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Pros and Cons of Using Test Cups for Drug Screening

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Whether you call them UA Cups, Instant Test Cups, One-Step Cups or something else, thereʼs one thing we know about drug testing cups: Theyʼre one of the most popular methods of drug testing that we sell here at

People prefer drug test cups because theyʼre simpler, cleaner, and easier to use than some of the other methods. Theyʼre commonly used in industries including drug treatment and rehabilitation, addiction counseling, pain management clinics, staffing and employment agencies, law enforcement, and in industrial, construction and agricultural businesses.

But donʼt take our word for it. Here are some of the reasons you might choose test cups for your drug screening needs.

Pros of Using Drug Tests Cups

Employers prefer drug test cups because theyʼre:

-  A convenient option that doesnʼt require an additional step or an extra device for testing, as with cassettes or dip tests. With that single step, they can save time.
-  Instant results, with accurate readings.
-  FDA approved for workplace testing and for Over-the-Counter use.
-  CLIA-waived tests available, so they can be billed to insurance for reimbursement.

Perhaps the one con of test cups is that they cost a little more, but the time savings can make up for it.

How to Use Urine Test Cups for Drug Testing

As mentioned, urine drug screen cups are easy to use. Follow these easy steps:

-  Take out the contents of the box, remove the cup from the foil pouch, and read the instructions carefully
-  Give the cup to the person being tested, instructing the person to fill the cup to 1/3 full.
-  Test the sample when itʼs fresh, or allow it to return to room temperature (if previously frozen).
-  View the strip on the side of the container within five minutes of collecting it.

Reading the One-Step Cup Results

If the sample is negative, two lines will appear.
If the sample is positive, only one line will appear next to the “C” for “Control.”
If the test is invalid, one line will appear next to the “T” for “Test.”

If you have any questions about selecting the right test or using the tests youʼve bought, our knowledgeable customer service team is here to help. Get in touch at or (714) 881-3436.

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